Katy began her journey as a winemaker while working at an upscale restaurant. There, she witnessed the extraordinary impact of wine on the dining experience. The impression was lasting. Katy began exploring different wine styles and grape varieties with a keen interest in the artisan craft of winemaking, eventually enrolling in the VEN Program at the renowned Shelton-Badgett North Carolina Center for Viticulture and Enology.

Her odyssey to winemaker focused extensively on sparkling wine production and Appassimento—natural dehydration of grapes, which produces a bountiful concentration of colors and aromas leading to deeper, bolder, and more complex flavors.

After her daughter was born in 2018, Katy started looking for a new venture. An opportunity to team up with her colleague, Matheson Worrell, presented itself, and together they began to develop a new winery, influencing its construction from the ground up. We planted the vineyard in 2015 and established Dynamis Estate Wines, located in the Swan Creek AVA, in 2019.