Assistant Tasting Room Manager & Social Media Manager

Cate is a graduate of Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. She spent a semester in Italy studying International Hospitality and Tourism to prepare for her career.

“I enjoy working in hospitality because it allows me to hear people’s stories and build lasting relationships. Seeing people happy and enjoying themselves is what makes me happy and know that I’ve done my job well.”

Cate’s fundraising experience is another skill that translates well into the wine industry and her role as Assistant Tasting Room Manager & Social Media Manager. She has a passion and natural ability to communicate the big picture and connect that to the day-to-day details that help make Dynamis Estate a destination for wine lovers. She recently received Level 1 WSET certification and is now working on Level 2. On wine: “I like that wine tells a story and that every bottle is unique. There’s so much creativity that goes into winemaking that you don’t realize until you are actually working with it hands-on.”